Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Course

£197.00 exc VAT

Taught by Europe's #1 Bestselling SEO Author

Improve Your Website's Ranking And Increase Traffic

Over 6 Hours Of Online Video Content

Author Earns Between £700-£4000 Per Month From A Single Client Doing Their SEO!

No Prior Experience, Skills Or Tools Required

Bonus #1: Free Tailored SEO Video Review Of Your Website By SEO Expert Worth £197 + VAT!

Real Examples Of Success Stories Including A Business That Received £100,000 Worth Of Enquiries In Less Than 3 Months

Bonus #2: Mutiple Ebooks On SEO And Related Content!

This course is designed for business owners who want to improve their website's ranking on Google, entrepreneurs about to start a business and those wishing to provide SEO services to other companies, all from the comfort of your own home.

Our Search Engine Optimisation course teaches you everything you need to know to improve a website's SEO, including how to analyse your competitors' websites and deconstruct their success and find where they are getting their links from. Absolutely no previous experience is required and you do not know how to know how to code. The course makes learning SEO easy, with the author teaching it in a simple, straightforward manner. You will be amazed at how easy and implementable it can be and how most of it can be outsourced if you wish.


- What being at the top will mean for your business
- The three ways to appear on Page 1
- How Google decides where to rank you
- How to choose the most profitable Keywords
- Backlinks
- Deconstructing your competition

- Understanding domains and URLs
- How to structure you website
- Mobile friendly websites
- How to write for Google and profit
- Optimising your website behind the scenes
- Website speed hacks
- Submitting your website to Google through Search Console

- The basics of link acquisition
- Understanding a good link vs a bad link
- Online Directories
- Links from video sites
- Introduction to SEO-PR
- Blogger outreach: review products and contests
- Getting featured in magazines, newspapers and e-news sites
- Attracting inbound PR requests
- Social Media and links

- How to plan your strategy
- Measuring progress
- Outsourcing vs DIY
- Further help and advice

Course Content

- Impact of successful SEO and examples
- Factors affecting Google ranking
- Keyword selection and strategies
- Introduction to backlinks
- Effective websites
- UXO ranking factors
- Mobile friendliness
- Writing for Google and profit
- E-commerce sites
- Blogs
- Onsite optimisation
- Website speed
- Google Search Console
- Competitor analysis
- Link building
- Offsite promotion